Split Grain Leather vs. Grain Leather

TOP-GRAIN – The grain or top layer (thus top grain) is the smooth outermost external side. It is the best and largest piece of leather on the animal. Used for better gloves, they stay nicer-looking longer and give more dexterity to the fingers. This grain-textured layer is the most durable and softest.

SPLIT or SUEDE LEATHER – The flesh split or bottom layer is used mainly for gloves, apparel, and accessories. It is generally stiffer and heavier than top grain leathers, and is ideal for leather palm styles which have linings to protect the hands against its roughness.

Thumb Types:

KEYSTONE (inset) – Is sewn into the glove separately and is the most classical ergonomic design.  The result creates greater mobility and comfort.

STRAIGHT – Gets its name from its appearance, folding over and laying straight up like the fingers and perpendicular to the wrist.  This construction is best for gripping and any closed fist work.

WING – Gets its name from its placement and appearance, angling the thumb diagonally across the palm resulting in no seams on the palm of the glove.  This construction provides flexibility and is less likely to obstruct your work.

WELTED WING – Gives a natural gripping stance to your hand and offers moderate protection and support for your grip.  It also helps save wear and tear between your thumb and index finger.

Gunn Cut vs. Clute Cut

CLUTE CUT – This cut keeps the palm free of stitching.  On the palm side of a clute cut pattern, the palm and all four fingers are cut from one piece of leather, and on the back side, each finger is a separate piece of leather.  This design offers greater amount of flexibility.

GUNN CUT – This cut is the most common pattern and features the two middle fingers sewn to the palm.  The palm, little finger, and index finger are cut from one piece of leather and the two center fingers are cut from another piece.  On the back side of a gunn cut pattern, the entire back including all four fingers are cut from one piece of leather.  This design offers better wear and comfort.

Cuff Styles

GAUNTLET – This long cuff is extended protection from the wrist to forearm.  It features an open cuff that allows ventilation and easy removal.

GUSSET – There is a triangular piece of material sewn to expand the seam.

KNIT – Made of a stretch knitted material that holds firmly around wrist.  It improves the fit and reduce slippage.  Ideal for keeping out dirt, contaminants and other particles from falling into the glove.

OPEN – Stands slightly away from the wrist and provides an easy slip-on and off action.

RUBBERIZED – Two layers of fabric with a rubber layer in between.

SAFETY – Adds protection to the wrist to reduce injury.  If features a cuff that allows easy, quick removal and provides ventilation during wear.

SELF-HEMMED – Material is folded over once and stitched.  This reduces the bulk at the wrist.

Wrist Styles

ELASTIC – Elastic band sewn into the wrist that offers a snug, comfortable fit.

VELCRO – Most secure but easily adjustable pull-strap closure to accommodate each individual’s preference for a comfortable, snug fit.

BALL & TAPE – Strap on back of glove that can be easily adjusted to the individual for a comfortable, snug fit.