MidWest Quality Gloves, Inc. offers more than 900 gloves. Choosing the right glove for a job is critical for superior hand protection and longevity of the glove. To help customers choose the perfect glove, we recommend the following glove styles for these specific tasks. We’ve provided a use guide below so your gloves retain the comfort and durability we’re known for.


Softer leather gloves such as suede or goatskin become very stiff as the dirt grinds in, which makes them uncomfortable to wear. Plus, if you’re bad about getting dirt inside your gloves and grinding it into your finger tips, you’ll eventually have to wash your gloves. The problem with washing suede or soft leather is that it can make it stiff and unwearable. To keep your leather gloves clean, you will want to hand wash them in cold water. If needed, use non-chlorine bleach. Do not wring out your gloves as this will mishapen them. Just lay them flat to dry (you may also lay them flat on a towel to dry).


Cotton can be rinsed under the hose and cleaned in the washing machine with warm water and tumbled dry. Knit and latex can also be machine laundered, but use cool water and hang up to dry.


Rubber gloves should be cleaned at the hose or utility sink, an easy job if you just wash them while wearing them. Always store your gloves in a dry place to prevent mildew. Hanging clips inside the door of your potting shed or garage keeps gloves dry and easy to find when you need them.

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